A better Hugo active menu item

When creating navigation templates for hugo, it is a common practice to generate a navigation item for each item in the menu. One of these will be highlighted by using the .IsMenuCurrent function on the current page to compare the current page with the page of the menu entry. This only works with pages with menu in the frontmatter. Suppose you have a site layout like mine: posts/ _index.md (menu: main) post.

Conway's Game of Life

John Conway A few days ago I woke up to news that John Conway, British mathematician and inventor of the “Game of Life” cellular automata, had passed away due to Coronavirus. At UC Davis, Conway’s game of life is often the final programming assignment of our intro to programming course, and I had implemented something similar when I took the intro course. Demo I wanted to put up a running Game of Life simulation on this blog, and I chose to compile from another language into webassembly for the game.

A Talk on Microservices

During Winter quarter, I asked for the opportunity to present about a topic in my senior design class, any of my choosing. I chose to give a talk about microservices, because a) it’s a buzzword, b) it’s a mainly distributed software architecture, c) I worked with microservices in Golang for my summer internship at DJI Inc. Having given a similar talk at DJI for the end of my internship, I thought it would make good content to further expand on the slides I had written.