Pirated Video Detection

Senior design project to detect videos copied from a database of protected videos. Uses OpenCV to extract features and perform sequence matching on videos

CPU Visualizer

Visualizer for Pipelined CPU, written for the DINOCPU in my Computer Architecture Class. Processes FIRRTL description of a pipelined CPU into modules placed between each pipieline segment.


Image sharing social media app made for ECS165A Database Systems class. Included features such as likes, comments, location search, hashtag search, and user profiles. This was a quarter-long project that was supposed to give us exposure to applying the database concepts and techniques that we had learned in class.


SLOHacks project to use a browser without mouse or keyboard input.


HackDavis 2017 award winning project. We attempted to count the number of people in a room by placing two sensors next to each other. We then displayed room occupancy on a central web UI.

GPS Simulator

Simulated GPS in a First-Year Seminar using Matlab. Modeled orbiting satellites with the Kepler equation, and used the Netwon-Jacobian method to solve for the coordinates of a target point simulating transmissions from modeled satellites.